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Giclee - Art Reproductions 

At Art Resource Traders, (ART) our goal is to bring to you a fantastic selection of high-quality fine reproductive art prints for your business and or your home. We’ve researched different printing methods, and we believe the giclee process offers the best quality and most desirable characteristics accurate colors, custom sizes, and archival quality. Below is more information about the processes and products we use to bring ART reproductions to you. What is a giclee? A giclee is an advanced printmaking technology where images are generated from high resolution digital scans and then printed with archival inks onto various substrates. The substrates include archival paper, canvas, sheet and aluminum which are both options for printing your selected image on.  The term giclee – from the French verb “glicer” meaning “to squirt, to spray”, first applied to “Iris Prints” created on inkjet printers in the early 1990’s. Today, the term is used to represent any high quality digital print used as fine art. Although the term giclee is broadly used, all giclees are not the same. There are definite quality differences, so it’s important to make sure you purchase your giclee prints from a reputable company that follows strict guidelines for quality. What are the advantages of an ART giclee print? One very important advantage of an ART Giclee is that our process provides better color accuracy with its deep blacks, saturations and gradations, which are hard to achieve with other printing methods. We use state of the art digital cameras, scanners and printers to capture the look, essence and most important the verousity of the original artwork.